Campers, fuck off!

summer recreation, take one

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yes. absolutely hammered
byakuran wrote in campersfuckoff
This is the hardest drop for me yet because Byakuran was my first character in CFUD. FIRST CHARACTER. He's my baby, sob. But I don't play him so I'm giving him up for someone else to play. It was fun! Thank you everybody for playing with him.

What did I do?

i voted for myself.
your face
get out of here, you marshmallow queen

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I always said I would drop him if Mukuro dropped.

:( YOU WERE FABULOUS WITH HIM. Absolutely fabulous ;;

I loved our threadssss ♥


HE WAS GREAT that one thread with Tyson lives on in my heart.

Baaaawwwwww I'm going to miss him. You were amazing with him and ;o;

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