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Campers, fuck off!

summer recreation, take one

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Not-Quite Hiatus, but...
nice-guy pose number 23423, THUMBS-UP
greenbeast__rar wrote in campersfuckoff
Hey guys~! Yesterday was my SUPER HAPPY FUN TIME WISDOM TEETH REMOVAL SURGERY and so as of right now, I'm groggy and bleeding and ow. I'll still be lurking around (as if I could ignore CFUD, even if I AM dying~!) but if you don't see me posting/commenting much for a few days, that's why.

But if you need me for a plot or anything and I'm not on IRC (BLASPHEMY!!) either ask Gwendal-mun to get a hold of me (we're telepathically linked, and by that I mean I'm most-always talking to her on AIM if not IRC) or e-mail me at lotusx2@gmail.com.

I love you all~ ♥

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Wisdom teeth removal sister!

As of today, mine have been gone for two weeks. I'm going to warn you--if the painkillers they put you one were anything like the ones they put me on, you're going to sleep. A lot.


Yeah, I see what you mean about the sleeping thing... I don't think I've left the couch for more than a couple of hours since I got home.

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