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summer recreation, take one

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cloakanddaikon wrote in campersfuckoff
After a few months of trying to get back into the swing of things and never really managing, I'm dropping Zexion, and with him, camp. The Riku Replica will be heading out with him, off to the start of what is sure to be many post-camp adventures.

Thanks for letting me play my (admittedly small) handful of characters with you all over these past years. It really has been a blast.

zexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ;~;

It's time. Probably well past time.

I will miss seeing him around~


My apologies for it not being more. ♥

Thank you ♥

I'm sure I'll miss it, too. The people even more so.

I'll miss them both! I really enjoyed watching all of Zexion's evolving friendships.

One of my biggest regrets was fading out just after our first threads. You were amazingly fun to play with.

Farewell you two. ;^;

SHE DID GREAT I did passingly to mediocre. ♥


♥ x a million because you are so darling


And thank you for more amazingly brain-breaking crack than most people are able to see in a lifetime.


And I'll miss everyone ♥

Much as it was a character ago, I was so happy for the threads Ine had with the DDS crew. They were super fun.

Bawwwwwwwwwwww, bye bye ♥ you were amazing.

Also, I believe the count of my good influences is currently ZERO.

Dragging up an old journal to tell you YOU WILL BE MISSED ;;

An old journal indeed.

Thank you for all the excellent threads, however long ago they may have been ♥


I hope you are aware that I expect a goodbye thread from you.

D:!! Ahhh, I'm so sorry I never got to play with you more! :( You were so amazing.

I'm sorry for that too. The run-ins I had with your other characters over the years were always fun ♥

♥♥♥♥♥♥ You were amazingggg~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥

You too ♥

I am sorry I'll no longer be around to sympathize with you over your idiot brother's adventures with psychopaths.

I'll miss knowing you're around.

I'll miss knowing I can be around. It's going to be really strange.

YOU WERE AWESOME AND WILL BE MISSED. Don't be a stranger! :<b

If ever occasion arises, I'll be around!


Ahh~! You have the best going away gifts ♥♥


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