Campers, fuck off!

summer recreation, take one

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【come and get it boys】
povertyprincess wrote in campersfuckoff
Repimping my Christmas cards post since I'm buying stuff tomorrow! I'll write to you ICly. /o/!

Also, a boring poll! But I want to know~ What genre can your canons be classified into? And are they live-action or cartoons or books? For bonus points, for each character, link to a picture of their actor, or their VA--or the person(. . ./cat/dinosaur) you use for icons. :p

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Well, now I'm thinking of two options. I'm not sure which I prefer.

I'll allow you to choose.

That's both generous and ominous.

I merely like to give options.

I'm glad to hear it, I was starting to think you were getting set in your ways.

I'm quite flexible when I wish to be.

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