January 11th, 2012

Hay guys what's goin on in this thread

TRIUMPHANT RETUUURN where did everybody go?

For what feels like a very long time ago I posted a note of slowatus due to my laptop crashing (and later on during the holidays moving on to join the great Network in the sky), and promised that I would be back as soon as possible. In between the kind of stress that usually follows Christmas for a very poor person, I finally managed to work up the energy to check up on Camp after New Years... and saw we were all moving to Dreamwidth. Not gonna lie- this bummed me out to the point that I just went "Screw it I'ma go play Skyward Sword instead". Groose was my shining star of hope in the darkness.

But... after taking some MORE time off to assess things, look at what LJ has become and what we could have at Dreamwidth I decided that Dammit Janet, I love you guys and I'm not burned out just yet. I'm riding along on this crazy contraption come what may. Besides I would be forever kicking myself if camp got a Groose while I wasn't looking. So in short- sorry for my continued absence everyone, but come moving day I WILL be back for glorious adventures.