January 8th, 2012

LJ -> DW Move - Taken Characters


We're doing really well with getting all the characters up on the taken character list, and we're down to  LESS THAN 60!  THIS IS AWESOME. But we can do better. We can go for the WHOLE LOT.

So behind the cut are the remaining characters; if you know what their DW accounts are, please comment over here!  One comment per character, please, and if you are changing your personal account, please let us know too. Also, if you are dropping a character, please let us know too!  Help us help you and all that!  Also, if you go over there and something isn't completed properly, drop us a comment and let us know.

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o look crazies are back

Heeey guys.

In the midst of all this moving madness, cfappitry and cfudapparchive plan to move as well! We're currently behind in cfappitry, but cfudapparchive remains up to date so please keep that in mind when using either journal. Cfappitry is now up to date too because I'm a masochist. Before we import them over to DW, we also have some plans on restructuring both archives a little to account for some problems we're running into

The main problem we are having is tags; we are running close to 1k tags, the limit for a free journal on dreamwidth, so we're considering ways on how to delay the inevitable for a little longer. Some possible solutions we've come up with are:

- Combining series tags (ie all final fantasy tags into one Final Fantasy series tag)
- Splitting cfappitry into two journals (a-l, m-z) (note, this creates new problems with cfudapparchive's tags though).

We're currently leaning toward combining series tags as a first step; taking Final Fantasy as our example, the structure would be one tag shown on the tag list as "Final Fantasy [series]" then having the individual posts for all series under that tag in cfappitry, ie Final Fantasy 1 post, Final Fantasy 2 post, etc.

We know it's a pretty temporary solution, which is why we're also asking for any suggestions people may have on how we can better organize the archives. Also; any further ways we can combine tags; we have a document at the moment that contains a list of all the series tags we plan to combine here (for reference, use the tags list here). Our biggest problem children are DC and Marvel; we'd definitely appreciate having the help of someone more familiar with either of those in sorting out our tags/posts. Anyway, if you have any suggestions on other series we can combine, better ways to restructure the comms, or anything at all, please comment to us here! We'd really appreciate any and all help we can get.

ETA: ...WHOOPS, changing the gdoc so people can comment there if LJ is hating on them.