January 7th, 2012

gentle smile from a gentle heart

A time for everything

So I've been meaning to do this for a while now, but making it official! That is, I'm dropping Labrador. I still love him and loved all my time playing him, but it's time for a change, so the gardenbishop is heading home.

I'll be putting up a drop post for him for anyone interested; and everyone can feel free to use his garden as a convenient excuse for having random odd plants appear (or reappear) in camp. :|b

Also, dropping the stuffed toy!Loki, because while he's a blast to play, I unfortunately do not have the energy to keep up with him right now. :(
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So, as you know, MOVING THINGS ARE HAPPENING. And we have been doing our best to keep you informed! So here we are again. Remember when we mentioned that if we were ready to move sooner, we'd let you guys know in advance? Well that is a thing happening, due to us and our AMAZING VOLUNTEERS doing things, as well as you guys making it clear that the sooner we move, the better (and our community importing to DW thanks to the AWESOME STAFF).

Mark your calendars, guys, on the evening of Saturday, January 14th, CFUD on LJ is having it's final post and we're officially opening the community on Dreamwidth. There will be an IC event to accommodate this (but don't worry, the important stuff will be on DW's end)!

The new worksafe-named community on DW is here to join, as well as the OOC community and the voting community Our special app window date is still remaining the same. Please remember to comment here with your DW journals, too!

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, our badass volunteers have been working on an LJ -> DW primer for all players, in hopes that the move is smooth and comfortable to as many people as possible, that primer is RIGHT HERE, so please bookmark it and utilize it as you please!

On that note, have some MORE good news! Our volunteers who helped us with the move are going to be staying on as official helpers! More info on that will be forthcoming along with other updates in the near future.

We'll see you guys on the other side then! In the meantime, stay tuned for things happening in camp soon! ;)

LJ -> DW: donatioonnns

OKAY we didn't want this to get drowned in moving happiness, so separate post! Anyway, so after much calculating and recounting and going MAAAATTTTH, we have decided on what we hope is the best and more fair way to handle the donations. Here is a quick rundown on how we calculated everything.

• Paid time only/a la carte icons: Converted to money spent.
• Paid time + 1 icon package: Converted to the equivalent time on DW.
• Paid time + multiple icon packages: Converted to the equivalent of paid time on DW for the paid + first package, with additional packages being added at 10 points($1)/ea a month, which is their cost on LJ.

And with that, I am happy to say that our donation drive is officially LIVE.


As you can see, we are already only 670 points away from reaching our goal! This is really impressive considering the drive wasn't even officially started, you guys are the best. Details on how to send us points can be found here. If you wish to do tasks in exchange for points (making icons, layouts, translations, etc.) please feel free to use this post to make your offers! Once we hit our goal, we will put another post up announcing it with some exploding graphics or something fancy!!

OH MY GOD GUYS IT HASN'T EVEN BEEN LIKE TWENTY MINUTES AND WOW OKAY. Fastest drive in the world. Anyway, we have definitely reached our goal now. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE. ♥ All excess points will be going to paid account lotteries run by the moderating team, so nothing will go to waste and all of it will be spent on our lovely playerbase. We will post more details on those when... they happen. BUT AGAIN: THANK YOU. You are all speedy and miracles and beautiful and gosh!!

I will be emailing the people who are receiving donations with their specific totals in a bit. If you have any questions regarding this, please feel to ask them either in this post or in email. Thank you to everyone who has donated already, and a premature thanks to whoever is planning to. You have all made this great. ♥