January 4th, 2012

break hearts and split bones

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God I have forty million feelings. OKAY SO. I am dropping CFUD. This probably surprises no one who's noticed my scarcity for the last year, but I will miss this community like burning for the amazing people it's brought into my life. I love each and every one of you and the news that camp was moving to dw made me seriously reconsider this decision, but. It's time. That is Sera (samsera) gone and taking Heat (vore_crimes) with her, along with Lloyd (lloydly). Thank you to the DDS and Symphonia casts of the past and present for making their time here amazing, thanks to the casts of every other character I've played here, and thanks to the players of every character I've ever played with. Or stalked. Ilu forever, CFUD.

Sera and Heat's drop post is here on dreamwidth, so I can brag in her last gasp about getting the best Sera username anyone can imagine and load the post. If anyone can't do dw yet and doesn't want to wait a bit we can arrange for threads on lj. Lloyd's drop post is pending cast considerations.

You guys are so great idek what to put here. ♥ It's been a great three and a half years.
hurry up and stick it in

J/k J/k J/k!!1

You know how sometimes you think you can do something but you can't? :'D

Yeah ok the gracious mods have let me know that since it's less than 24 hours I can take back Heat's drop which I am doing because I had too many feelings. (Although it's less epic than reapping the very next round I guess, but one of these two things was going to happen.)

Ok so what's happening instead -- The drop post is still happening JUST AS IT DID (and people are still welcome to jump) and Heat thinks he's leaving permanently with Sera at that point, goes home, kills God and other megaten-like activities, but, well, he had 4 days vacation time... so on Jan 7 he will be back by himself. It will be great.

\o/ Sorry for the fakeout guys, I am a hot mess.

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compilation of the LJ -> DW stuff so far!

Hey dudes, hey dudes. Have your mid-week update on our LJ to DW move!

1) We are currently working on importing campfuckudie over to Dreamwidth, which is a project that the staff is being amazing with and is helping us on. As of now, all the entries are in place and we are working on the comments. We will let you guys know when this is finished when we hear the word! SEND DREAMWIDTH NICE THINGS, MAN.

2) A reminder to comment to the new taken characters list here. If you have not made your character journal yet, please do so! You don't have to have it all set up; just having the user name is awesome and helps us get things back in order quickly. ps everyone thank [personal profile] batman because she has been amazingly on top of adding everyone to the lists.

3) The donation drive! We will be closing off this post on Friday, the 6th, which means we will hopefully have a goal up by the weekend and will get stuff rolling quickly on that front. Thank you to everyone who has donated points so far! You guys are all awesome.

4) Please check Nikki's post here if you have any questions about Dreamwidth and Livejournal. And again, if you own any CFUD-related communities and are porting them over to Dreamwidth, please comment here and let us know about the changes!

5) And remember: we have a special app window for this round. Beta posts can be found here on LJ and here if you prefer DW. Let's help each other out!
bright on my sleeve.

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Mithos (holysiscon) is coming back from his New Year's vacation! But not for long; he'll shortly be returning to Aselia, for better or for worse. His drop post, like Lloyd's, is pending cast considerations, but will likely be somewhere over at Dreamwidth.

He's the last character I play, which means that when he goes I'm leaving CFUD entirely as well.

I--I am tearing up a little too much for EFFECTIVE GOODBYE SPEECHES, so I'll keep it short: it's been a blast playing here, through more than a dozen characters and some amazing shenanigans and several absolutely brilliant, wonderful casts.

Thank you all for making the last six years fabulous, guys. KEEP ROCKING.