January 1st, 2012

LJ -> DW Move - Taken Characters

Hey everyone!  We're in the process of doing the admin stuff for the transition, and we're aware that there have been some journal name changes because finally you can have that journal name you always wanted.  I know I did it.

So if we could ask you to please comment over here with the journal chosen for each character. To make it easier for us, as there are a lot of us working on this, we'd ask that you comment to the post with each character journal.  (You can see how this works on the post because I've already started with mine!) That way, when we enter the new detail, it's easier for us to delete the comment rather than remembering who is who.

Thanks guys! We'll be promoting the link again further into the month so that we can get everyone transitioned smoothly. Expect more posts in the near future with more awesome things on the horizon! And enjoy your new year celebrations!

EDIT: If you guys are changing your personal journal too, please comment with that change as well. ♥
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More LJ->DW stuff!

Ignore the moe, this is some serious business. This post is crossposted in CFO, for your convenience.

1) We'll be having a neater-looking profile once we move to DW! That means Lots of Links! Here is a sneak peek.

One of the things that we will be removing from the profile and adding as a link is the other communities section. It has its own post right here in the scrapbook over at DW now, and needs to be edited. That's where you come in!

Players who run CFUD communities/journals who will be moving their journals/comms to DW, comment on this post with the changes, as well as other things you want to add to the descriptions. c: We'll also be putting there who maintains each comm/journal so everyone can contact maintainers easier and stuff like that. HOPE THAT'S OKAY. 'A'b

2) We will also be putting up a post in the future which contains information regarding setting things up in DW. Are there concerns/questions/whatever you have about Dreamwidth and/or the move? Basically, stuff from "What's the Dreamwidth equivalent of cakeon?", to "How can I use my old Flexible Squares layout?" The purpose of us asking this is so we know where to start, and we know what actually concerns everyone! If we put up a post with all these information, and then we find out that all of you know how to deal with that already, it's pretty useless! :'( SO YEAH. Let us know what you want to know!


I think that's it 'A' I hope this isn't tl;dr or anything. Thank youuuu for your time, and let's go 2012! Happy New Year to everyone ♥

(and then I messed up my coding!! sobsobsob)