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. . . might as well make this official and rip the band-aid off before the move!

Dropping Elijah! I have loved his CR to bits, but my drive to play him is at an all-time low. Thanks to everyone who played with him! It was a blast. ♥ There won't be a drop post because that is how he rolls.

Also! Counseling is still open. As it turns out, I can actually do a second round with campers, so if you were interested in that, that's cool.
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So tomorrow is the big move to Dreamwidth, and I hope you all have an absolute blast breaking the place in with all your shenanigans that I won't be able to take part in because I'm dropping Zoro.


Sob story aside, I'll sadly be taking my leave from this lovely game and you fantastic people, as much as it breaks my heart to do so. If I could make it another month I would have been in CFUD for two whole years but alas, it shall never be. Thank you very much to all the people I've ever played with and bothered with my presence, and an especially big THANK YOU to my wonderful One Piece cast. No one will be enough to fill the hideous pirate-y void in my life that only your love and bad touches can take care of. Ya'll are jerks and I love you.

I've got a drop post set up in the DW account I was originally going to use for Zoro, which anyone can hit up and tag at their leisure: doopdoop

I will most definitely be considering coming back sometime in the future but for now my swordsman has an attractive latin man, goth loli, and a thousand fighting monkeys to be tormented by for two years. Here's hoping I can get lost in your direction one day again! ♥
we're gonna be here for a long time.

update to counseling!

So hey, remember the counseling event? . . . yeah. Given that, from a quick show of hands, it seems like Livejournal stuff really made it difficult to do this. I am going to extend and amend the event. Here is what that means:

- I'll go through the lists and take out any drops at this time. The lists will largely stay the same!

- I am reopening sign-ups. If you have a counselor, go here. Campers are here. They will be open until the evening of Sunday, January 15th. A lot of the current counselors on the list are full up with what they signed up for, so I can't guarantee being able to give campers up to five counselors. I will do my best to give everyone at least one good match-up!

- New lists should go up within a few days and you'll have about three weeks to finish things.

If you already finished all your counseling! Awesome, you're done. If you're a counselor who previously signed up and is open to having more campers as I add in the new assignments, please drop a comment to let me know here. Thanks guys, and hopefully this'll help kickstart things on Dreamwidth!

eta: At this time, I cannot do a "round 2" for any campers that have already signed up! My apologies for that. OKAY it looks like I can probably swing this! New sign-ups will get first priority, but I can give those who have already signed up at least one more counselor potentially; drop a comment to let me know if this is a thing you want on the camper post. LET'S DO THIS THING. If you've had trouble tracking down assignments, please let me know!
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Heading to Tokyo in about six hours on an overnight bus, and then spending a good four days getting lost before heading home on the 17th, moon time. The hostel supposedly has wifi but I HAVE EXCITING PLANS mostly involving food and bizarre museums so if I'm around I'll be spotty at best, especially since I haven't set up everything with DW yet. IF WE'RE THREADING BE PATIENT, if I disappear miss me lots!!
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TRIUMPHANT RETUUURN where did everybody go?

For what feels like a very long time ago I posted a note of slowatus due to my laptop crashing (and later on during the holidays moving on to join the great Network in the sky), and promised that I would be back as soon as possible. In between the kind of stress that usually follows Christmas for a very poor person, I finally managed to work up the energy to check up on Camp after New Years... and saw we were all moving to Dreamwidth. Not gonna lie- this bummed me out to the point that I just went "Screw it I'ma go play Skyward Sword instead". Groose was my shining star of hope in the darkness.

But... after taking some MORE time off to assess things, look at what LJ has become and what we could have at Dreamwidth I decided that Dammit Janet, I love you guys and I'm not burned out just yet. I'm riding along on this crazy contraption come what may. Besides I would be forever kicking myself if camp got a Groose while I wasn't looking. So in short- sorry for my continued absence everyone, but come moving day I WILL be back for glorious adventures.
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Ripping off the band-aid, as my activity here has been pretty shameful, and this kid's voice has been sputtering out ;; Carver's going to be heading home, but thanks so much to everyone who threaded with him! I was an absolute blast and the Dragon Age cast here is a mythic level of awesome! Shine on, you crazy diamonds~